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Alexander Chen’s Biography

Alexander Chen is an internationally acclaimed artist famous for painting exhilarating city scenes, stunning landscapes and celebrated landmarks. His astonishing vision and world view radiate throughout his body of work.

Alexander was born in the city of Canton (presently Guangzhou) China in 1952. He loved art as a very young child, and was constantly at work developing his creative gifts. At sixteen, Alexander moved to the countryside where he worked as a farmer. Toiling in the fields Alexander grew an appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the land which is apparent in his artwork today.  Several years later, Alexander worked for a road theater, building and painting production sets.

At twenty-six, Alexander Chen started art school in China. For the next decade and a half he studied with prominent Chinese masters at several art schools, including the Arts and Crafts School at Guang Dong, and the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. While in art school, he met a fellow student, who later became his wife.

As Alexander traveled throughout China during the 1980s, be became one of China's most successful and promising young artists. His award-winning works were published by the highly esteemed Chinese art magazine, Fine Arts. His paintings were collected by regional and national art museums and were selected for display by the National Arts Exhibitions of China. In addition Alexander has been honored with a coveted membership in the National Artists Association of China. 

In 1989, Alexander Chen relocated his family to Northern California where he painted a series of pieces depicting life in his new adopted country. Alexander was inspired by urban life in the United States as well as the majestic outdoor landscapes. He continues to reinvent his interpretation of American scenes, and keeps his followers wondering what will be next.

Most recently Alexander has traveled to Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia finding    locations which become special to him. Alexander shares these places in these paintings, depicting a side of life he perceives as introspective, fun and historical.

Alexander Chen was an official Artist for the US Olympic Team. He worked with the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, and is the only Olympic Artist sanctioned by both the US Olympic Committee, and the Beijing Olympic Committee.

In addition to many private collectors, Alexander’s images have been [licensed] by companies and organizations such as Toshiba Electric, Northwest Airlines, Shin Nippon Co, The Canadian Group, Second Nature Software, and UNICEF.

The paintings of Alexander Chen transport the viewer into an animated world of color and imagination. Whether it is the heart and soul of a city, or the spirit of a magnificent mountain, we are enchanted by the magic of his canvas. His artistic dynamism will truly delight all of us for many years to come.